With Janet Barber and her program, support and guidance continues even after all the levels are completed. For her students interested in teaching swimming, Janet provides an opportunity to practice their teaching techniques under the supervision of a Certified Red Cross and Lifesaving Instructor. The support continues as they work to complete the higher leadership requirements. Once they are fully qualified they are eager to join Janet’s team of enthusiastic instructors. Janet thanks for helping a Mom through the maze of swimming and life guarding qualifications requirements. Special thanks for making my daughter continue to love swimming and Janet Barber Aquatics thank you too, now she continues to want to be a part of the program but as part of the instructor team.

Janet Barber Aquatics has been a terrific organization to trust your children with in learning a number one life skill - swimming! From her caring and honest evaluations of your child’s progress; to the qualified and caring instructors on board; to her strict adherence to the ‘small’ class ratio - you and your child will enjoy, have fun and learn a very important skill for life. We have been with JB Aquatics for 10-11 years. They got my two “not happy to be in the water” sons interested and now they are moving very well up the Levels. My daughter, who is now 16, is an Assistant Instructor with them. Also, the use of the Appleby College pool gives it that intimacy for the parents that you don’t get from other swimming institutions. I have been very happy with the results.

Mrs. Grasset

Our family has been with Janet Barber Aquatics for approx. 12 consecutive years and during that time, both of our children (ages 16 and 11) have become confident, strong, swimmers. In designing her program, Janet is diligent about employing skilled swimmers who are excellent teachers of people of all ages. And because classes are staffed at a ratio of no larger than 3:1, swimmers receive closely supervised instruction that is specifically tailored to each individual’s needs. As well, the rapport amongst Janet, her staff, the children and parents is always a blend of mutual respect and fun- filled education. We highly recommend Janet Barber Aquatics to everyone interested in a safe, enjoyable, comprehensive swimming program.

Buffy and Jim Knowlton

Our family has participated in the Janet Barber Aquatics program for the past 10 years. The attentive and genuine care provided by Janet, and staff has helped to mould my children into competent and confident swimmers.

The Saunders Family

Our son Michael has been in swimming lessons with Janet Barber Aquatics for many years. The superior staff and management have supplied one on one instruction to suit our child’s specific needs. Now at seventeen, his excellent swimming skills have helped him achieve a leadership role, and he is now teaching swimming.

Irene Afanasiev

Program is excellent. Degree of focus on kids swimming skills and individual attention is unmatched by any other program in Oakville. Great instructors.

The Masons

We have been swimming with Janet Barber Aquatics for more than 7 years now. My children have always loved coming for lessons. The instructors are always cheerful and make the lessons fun! The student to teacher ratio is wonderful. We are always referring our friends and family to Janet.

Michele and Michael Hepworth

Janet Barber cares about her students. My son has Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) which makes physical activities that require coordination of arms and legs difficult. Janet was open to learning more about my sons individual needs and developed strategies to help him learn to swim and enjoy doing it. He’s just turned 14 and is doing his Bronze Medallion. You all have done an awesome job Janet and staff.

Thanks, BC

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