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Summer swimming lessons 2023

Thank you for your interest in our program. We are a fully insured and registered lifesaving program. We run our back yard swimming lessons with all required Covid-19 protocols.

It is much safer for my staff and swimmers that we operate in the couple of back yard pools that belong to either one of the instructors or in my personal back yard pool. That way we have much better control over the environment that we are working in and keeping it safe for all those involved.


We will remain in communication with the Lifesaving society and  refine the final plan for us to follow as we get closer to the summer 2023 session.

All instructors have their current COVID vaccines. And as we near the 2023 session we will revaluate and make sure we are all up to date on what is required to remain safe.

Our aim is to hit the ground running to get things in place in short order when we are able and ready to do so.

Generally, each session is made up of 8 of 30 min lessons (4 hours total) of 1:1 instruction

It will be much easier for me to discuss things on the phone and answer your questions than it will be to write emails back and forth. First time communication is preferred by phone although emails are still welcome but replies to you will take more time to return.

Information I will need from you when we communicate:

-your contact phone # and email

-ages of the children wanting lessons

-swimming level of each child (if they don’t have a level what can they do? (i.e., float on own, swim in deep end …major fear)

-which location is best for you i.e., Glen Abbey area or South East Oakville area

-time of day you are interested during the week for the lessons

-what weeks do you want the lessons

Once I have a better idea of your needs, I will match you with one of my awesome instructors. Since they are the ones actually doing the teaching, I find it more efficient that you and your instructor figure out specific days and time for the lessons. All other administration comes through me and I’m always on hand when needed.


(905) 338-9244

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