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Summer Backyard Pool


In order to register for summer 2023 backyard swimming classes: 

All of 1, 2 and 3 instructions listed below must be completed and returned to your assigned instructor at least 24 hours before the first already scheduled swimming lesson

1. Print and fill in 3 forms that can be downloaded from below:

a) The waiver Form (a) download

b) The Covid-19 assessment form Form (b) download

c) Information and release form Form (c) download

2. Sign each of the 3 forms, scan or take a picture of them with your phone and email them back to Janet Barber  ( and also send your instructor the same 2 signed forms.

3. E-transfer the full payment for the lessons to Janet Barber Aquatics (

Download and Print "The waiver Form (a) download"

and then

Download and Print "The Covid-19 assessment form Form (b) download"

Download and Print "Information and release form Form (c) download"


We are running outdoor summer classes only.
If you have any questions simply contact us at: 905-338-9244
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