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Janet Barber Aquatics Team 

Janet Barber

I have been teaching swimming since I was 15 years of age and I have always made drowning prevention one of my primary goals. After high school I went to McMaster University and received my Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Education degrees and worked in the summer months teaching swimming in my back yard family pool. Once graduated and newly married I worked 11 years for Abitibi Price in paper research and during that time I had 2 beautiful daughters that are now all grown up, fully employed in their careers of choice. They also still find time to support the Janet Barber Aquatics team today on and off deck! I have been working out of the Appleby College pool for at least 25 years. Over the years we have taught 100’s of families water safety and how to swim. One of my biggest gifts beyond continuing with drowning prevention has been the gift working with today’s youth. Without the great staff and Volunteers that work with me, this program would not be the best program out there. I’m at a point in my life where we are teaching the children whose parents I taught to swim when they were young. Grown up (alumni) staff are now bringing their own children back to the program. I really enjoy the aspect of Janet Barber Aquatics where we get to see old friendly faces and meeting new faces as well.

Teaching Staff

Jennifer B.
Sarah B.
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