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The Registered Programs We Offer

Preschool level classes

Starting at 18 months to five years, this is a water orientation program where children learn to work with the instructors while learning to be independent and safe in and around the water.

Beginner level classes

Open to all ages, non-swimmers would participate in this level and classes are determined by ability and age range. In this introductory phase of instruction, focus is on progression, comfort and empowerment of the swimmers while instructors work on a 1-1 basis.

Intermediate and Adult level classes

Progressing from the beginner level, students in this range learn to differentiate different strokes and master swimming and water safety skills, including First Aid.

Lengths & Flips

This program is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of competitive swimming by introducing proper diving, flip turns, pace times and more.

Special Needs

Janet Barber Aquatics believes that swimming can be a fun aspect of everyone's life; we have instructors that have worked with students with Special Needs. 


While our primary focus is on developing the skills of swimmers, Janet Barber Aquatics also offers individualized sessions for stroke improvement and endurance for tri-athletes and athletes.

We are also open to discussing your individual needs and interests, and are prepared to design a program just for you.


Get started today - phone Janet at (905)338-9244 or click HERE for more information about registration

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