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Founded in 1985, Janet Barber Aquatics provides swimming instruction, in private and group settings.

About us


Adhering to the standards and guidelines implemented by the Lifesaving Society, our program provides individual attention for students to maximize their potential and have fun in the water.

We offer a wide range of swim programs and services to best suit your needs. Call today to chat with Janet.  


About our lessons

Fully qualified instructors with many years of teaching expertise!

Lifesaving society swimming lessons are available for children ages 18 months and older. Canadian Red Cross swimming lessons are no longer offered in Canada as of January 2023. We are however, going to teach some of the skills Red Cross offered as additional skills to the the Lifesaving program we are running.

1 to 1 instruction.

Children with special needs or those who have had a negative experience in their past are always welcome

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